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Moving Mars Storyboards Section 1


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 2030

college class r 1.png

Brenda Dillion, who will need five lifetimes to finish her work, displays her "equations of life" to a fellow student. Her outstanding work is based on her never before seen understanding of gravity.

A beautiful wom 1 (3)_edited.jpg

Twenty years later - Brenda Dylon, CEO of The Zephyr Corporation, announcing life altering plans for the human population. Due to several catastrophic natural and man made disasters due in the upcoming decades the planet Mars will be moved closer to Earth.  Mars will be used as a possible  lifeboat for humanity. The world’s major governments have all signed off on the plan.

A group of (((a 1.png

After Dylon explains her plan the reporters turn angry as they fear the Earth may be destroyed in the process. One reporter vows to stop her

A (((luxurious  0 (1)_edited.jpg

Shepard's Super Yacht

A (((luxurious  1 (1).png

On their super yacht, several members of the SHEPARDS are informed of Brenda Dylon's plan to move Mars. The Shepards control most of the worlds corporations, goverments and money.  They decide who, what and where  takes place on Planet Earth. They are upset that they are not in control of Brenda Dylon. They make plans to take control of this project or to stop it.

in a wide view  1.png

Ken Tapston and Kathy Hampton, the command crew  of the Mars mission arrive outside of the ZEPHY manufacturing  plant. They are met by Andy Crenshaw, the project manager.

A new looking m 1.png

Before Andy, Ken and Kathy can enter the building a surprise drone attack nearly kills them. This is a calling card from The Shepards.

Space ship unde 1.png

Once safe inside the building, Andy, Ken and Kathy inspect The Deep Venture. This elite spacecraft will be their home for the next thirty months as they collect gravitational data while in Martian Orbit 

A group of thre 0.png

Andy, Ken and Kathy discuss the ethics of their mission. Andy offers his philosophy on humanity: 

"We kill to live. Humans create artificial conflict between groups, go to war and that's where all the technology comes from. Humans are not autonomous. Humans are just robots following simple programming." Andy see conspiracies in everything. Nothing is as it seems.

A group of (((t 1.png

The Shepards meet and discuss if they will allow Dylon to proceed with her plan to move Mars. The vote is 15 to 5 in favor of the plan.

Executive woman 1.png

After surveying the damage to the exterior of her building, Dylon inspects the Deep Venture.

A man an a woma 0.png

Dan Smith, an ex-lover and a student from her MIT days steps into a special compartment where Dylon has been inspecting her gravity altering device. 

A group of frie 1.png

Andy and Kathy discuss technical plans of the Deep Venture's Medical Evaluator at a sea side bar.  e

brenda office.png

CEO Brenda Dillion asks Ken Tapston if he is interested in rekindling their love affair. Tapston says he'll consider it when he returns from Mars. 

deep venture.jpg

Five months later The Deep Venture is approaching the Martian sphere of influence. 

space crew.png

The entire crew meet in the command center. Captain Tapston, 2nd in command Hampton, Andy Crenshaw, mechanic Sam Runner, Dr. Gentry and his assistant Marla Driver. Gentry seems to be irritated at the entire crew and the irritation multiplies as the ship's distance to Mars deminshes.  


Conditions on the surface of the sun could foresee potentially danger for all.

The Spepards.png

The Shepards gather at their Tropical Island Retreat, completed  with an indoor basketball court


The Shepards use violent  full court basketball games to establish hierarchy in the organization.

Deep Venture approaching Mars

dylon on TV.jpg

Brenda Dylon  informs the crew that massive demonstrations are taking place all over the world concerning their mission.  Dylan knows that these protests are artificially generated by a yet to be identified power on Earth.  The protests are her problems, the Sun's possibble solar bursts are the crew's probems. 

tapston gentry .png

Tapston and Gentry have a heated argument regarding who is in charge. Tapston threatens to eject Gentry into space.

andy Kathy.png

While relaxing in the crew area Kathy asks Andy why he and Ken are so in-synch with each other. Andy explains they met on a huge wave day.

new two surfers.jpg

While trying to catch a rouge wave of tremendous size Andy almost lost his balance and his life, but suddenly he felt Ken in his head and they surfed the wave as one surfer and have been like twin brother ever since. 

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