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Moving Mars - Synopsis

By Doug Mazell © 2024 by Great Art Studios

Twenty-year-old Brenda Dylan watches her father murdered. His secrets of neutralizing hydrogen bombs were a threat. Before he was murdered Brenda and her father have lived a life in hiding, but a life of extreme education in physics and the formation of a theory that life on Earth is just a byproduct of gravitational energy.


Twenty-five years later Brenda sees a chance to prove this theory and save humanity simultaneously. Numerous EMP hydrogen explosions in the Earth’s atmosphere have combined with Dark Energy and blown the planet off its axis.  Daily extreme natural disasters are now the results of humanity’s paranoia.  Brenda’s scientific inventions have rewarded her with unlimited funds for all her research including building the Deep Venture Space Craft and her father’s Gravity Wave Machine.


Brenda plans on creating a ripple in space-time to force the Earth back in alignment by moving the Planet Mars closer to Earth and prove her theory regarding the origins of life.


The Deep Venture rockets to Mars while Brenda searches for the final calculations on Earth. Brenda’s relationship with the Gravity Wave Machine  is unnatural.


As The Deep Venture approaches Mars a group of extremely powerful industrialists, who have caused the EMP war, desperately need to detour Brenda from her plan. The “Shepherds” activate their agents on her ship and on the colony on Mars to disrupt the Deep Venture at all costs. The natural disasters have enriched the Shepherds one hundred fold.


While Brenda desperately searches for the final equations, the saboteurs on the Deep Venture manage to take over the ship and cause minor damage. The saboteurs are thwarted in a fire fight. 


Brenda is kidnapped by the Shepherds and offered a choice of either uploading devastating software to her ship’s computer or her entire world will come to and end along with everyone she has ever known.


Brenda outwardly agrees to their plan, but not before she learns that the Shepherds were the group that hunted down and killed her father thirty-five years earlier.  She has no intention of destroying her own ship, but the last piece of the puzzle to Move the Planet Mars is still missing.


For the first time she searches every nanometer of information on the physical data file her father had given her before he was murdered.  An immense block of data is discovered, but Brenda has no idea what it is.  The entire data file was originally uploaded into the Gravity Machine as per her father’s instructions. She also discovers her father’s theory that humans will eventually join the four forces of the universe to become the fifth force.


Unable to discover the missing equation to active the Gravity Wave Machine on The Deep Venture, Brenda remembers something her father always told her, “Your genius will always save you.”


Brenda decides to use her own equation of gravitational induced life as a substitute for the gravitational equations and transmits the final set of data to the Deep Venture which is now in Martian orbit. Once those calculations are accepted by the Gravity Wave Machine on the Deep Venture, the ship goes haywire.  At the same time three small ships from Mars approach on a collision course.


The crew is helpless until The Gravity Wave Machine completely takes over the Deep Venture. It become apparent that Brenda’s father has transferred his essence into the Gravity Wave Machine.  With Brenda’s father now in compete control he destroys the attacking Martian ships while also producing a gigantic gravitational pulse that moves the planet Mars. This immense gravity waves also slingshots the Deep Venture into a high arcing trajectory over the Sun and back to Earth.


The ripple in space-time slams into the Earth and its axis is ninety percent restored. This causes the natural disasters so slowly calm down. With help from several of the Shepherds who want to use Brenda and her technology, they retrieve the Deep Venture after a splashdown in the Pacific. No one is aboard, but a video tape explains that on their trip home the crew began to glow and one by one just disappeared. Brenda assumes the crew has transformed into future humanity, The Fifth Force.


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