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Moving Mars Storyboards Section 2

When pressed on how that might have happened, Andy could only suggest it was a coalescence  of Good Friday, The Vernal Equinox, a full moon and extremely high tide all reaching their maximum at the exact same time they rode that wave. Andy says it was the most important moment in his life, well until he met Kathy.


Hackers working for the Shepards break into Zephyr's computer network and download Dylan's Gravity Doctrine

deep venture.jpg

Deep Venture in space.

andy kathy windoe.png

In front of the observation window Andy tries to explain how humans are just robots following their software. Kathy isn't interested and tells Andy to go write a book and leaves. 

suv night.png

Brenda Dylan leaves Zephyr headquarters at sunset. 


A stealthy black helicopter follows her car.


Her SUV is attacked and exploded in flames.

dan smith helic.png

Zephyr employee Dan Smith was in the helicopter driving the burning SUV remotely.

dylon in suv.png

Thin Title

Dylon is safely parked back at Zephyr headquarters. On the radio Smith mentions that every attempt on her life will be difficult the catch. Dylon reminds him he's pay him to catch them all! Dylon's mental health is suffering from these attempts to kill her.

The Spepards.png

Shepards Tropic Island

shepards vote.png

The Shepards discuss the mars mission and even with the stolen Gravity Doctrine they are still clueless about Dylan's plan. The vote is 15 to 5 to allow the mission.


The Deep Venture approaches the red planet

andy kathy tube talk.png

On their way to the airlock to help deploy the solar shield Andy continues with his philosophy about humanity and how humans are just programed for  endless conflict and the technology it produces. Kathy asks for his best shot because she is tired of this subject.  Andy explains that the mission to move Mars will just create even more conflict as this endeavor divides humanity as most conflicts do.

airlock 3.png

Andy, Ken and Kathy prepare to exit the ship to deploy the solar shield

shield 2.jpg

Three astronauts deploy the solar shield. While working, mission control sends an urgent message regarding a massive solar flare  that has just been released by the sun.

After the shield is deployed Ken and Andy must position the ship for maximum protection from the killer solar flare.

Some where deep in the ship a remote control detonation device is activated.

Three of the four struts connecting the solar shield to the ship explode and release. The shield is hanging on by a thread.

Ken and Andy realizes there must be a sabateur  onboard. Andy hands Kathy a gun for protection before he and Ken head back outside.

Ken and Andy  immediately put their helmets back on and exit the ship and try to salvage the solar shield. 

mental connections.png

With death from the solar flare only moments away Andy and Ken rediscover the mental connection they first experienced on that 40 ft wave years ago. The connection is needed to save the ship and their lives.


Ken and Andy work feverishly to reassemble the solar shield before the massive flare hits the ship


Once back on board, Andy races to check on Kathy and Ken runs towards to the command center.

Andy finds Kathy in a pool of blood.  Marla explains that Dr.Gentry and Sam starting shooting at them. Marla killed Sam, but Kathy was shot.

Ken manages to turn the ship in the correct orientation so the shield will protect the ship. After he races to crew area.

Ken and Andy work on Kathy's wound. They call up help from the Medical AI, but it malfunctions and starts to open the emergency hatch directly to space. 

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