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Philosophies of Moving Mars

1) Life of planet Earth is a byproduct of the sheer incalculable amount of gravitational energy in the Milky Way Galaxy. Basically, humans are just a byproduct of gravity.

2) Humanity's ultimate goal is to join the four forces of the universe as the fifth force. 

3) Humans are morons. Humans have absolutely no clue regarding their own existence. Humans control the most sophisticated machine in the entire universe (the human body) and simply are unaware of this fact. 

4) The concept of "Winter is coming" drives most human endeavors. If one trillion dollars is good, five trillion dollars is truly needed because "Winter is coming!"


5) No matter what a human thinks is important, the amount of living humans on Planet Earth is truly the only thing that matters.


6) There is no failure once life has been achieved.


7) Humans build their societies on the blood and bones of the humans that have been slaughtered.

Humans are like cannibals, we don't eat each other we just suck the technology out of the dead.

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