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MM Purpose

"Moving Mars" - Sci-Fi feature film is close to securing a $4 million dollar budget, but to tell this story to its fullest potential an additional $4 to $15 million could be required.

Remainder of post is long and very complicated. We will not be responsible for any exploding brains due to the "Thinking" that will be required.

We know it's time to take a step back from just reacting to life and start being proactive regarding humanity. Do we want to make money? YES! Would we love to alter humanity in a meaningful way and make money? YES!! YES!!

We want to transcend all political, religious and cultural narratives. Basically, we see these conflicts as a complete waste of human time and energy. Humanity in 2024 is totally unaware and completely naive regarding its own existence. How incredibly stupid are humans to possess 13,000 nuclear warheads. We all saw how one "live" bullet in the hands of a careless human caused a senseless death. Now multiply this carelessness by 13,000 hydrogen bombs and you get the picture. Earth is the home of the ONLY LIFE FORMS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and we are just two morons away from completing blowing our collective brains to smithereens. Think of all the money and power on Earth and then tell me the value when 13,000 nuclear warheads all detonate at once.

Basic instinct of any living creature is to survive. The problem with humanity is that this survival mode is on autopilot and needs to be deactivated. How stupid is humanity not to realize that 8 billion living humans has fulfilled our destiny of survival.

Background - Humans are morons. We have been following our programming since day one and we've checked off every necessary box to arrive at 2024 with billions of heathy thinking humans. The problem is that we are only good little robots following orders. Humans up to this point have only been pawns. To achieve the next level of existence humanity desperately needs to become fully self aware and begin to rewrite its own operating system before we blow ourselves up.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" has offered a clue as to our next move. The monolith was a metaphor for human awareness. As it was uncovered life became uncertain and extremely scary. This monolith sent humanity on its ultimate journey of discovery (the name of the spaceship). Do you truly think that fighting over political, religious or cultural narratives is humanity's ultimate goal? Aren't you tired of such tripe?

What would you think of the concept that Hitler and Tojo were merely pawns for a predetermined outcome? The programming in every human brain wants humans to possess technology and humans are forced to develop such technology as a means of self defense. The more humans at risk of dying determines the scale of the new technology.

Every human war, which is and was caused by artificial conflict, has produced some type of technology. With most early human wars the new technology was medical. How do we stop the bleeding? How do we mend a broken leg? Easy stuff.

No matter why the American Civil War was started it produced the largest ever human laboratory past, present or future. This concept will be explored in a future Great Art Studios film project titled "Blood and Bones University" Anyway, surgery on the human body worldwide radically changed in 1868. Get it?

Going back to World War Two 20% of the world's population were at risk. That would be five hundred million humans in 1940. With that many humans at risk the treasure chest of new technology was immense. The software in the human brain trades human lives for tech. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but in 1940 there were 2.2 billion humans alive and now there are 8 billion so the system seems to be working.

During Word War Two the human brain software traded 72 million human lives for nuclear power, jets, rockets, computers, sonar, radar, increased manufacturing techniques and of course the holy grail of human tech - medical!

So humanity has gone from cavemen fighting over cave girl Raquel Welsh with rocks to 13,000 hydrogen bombs all aimed at every population center on the planet. This is the natural progression of humanity, but we can't rely on luck any longer to save our ass. Humans need to step up and figure out a way to rewrite the human operating system. We need to purge the subroutines that divide humans into endless groups. Endless political, religious and cultural groups that are forced to despise each other. Despising fellow humans has been a benefit to humanity from day one, but it's time to alter this programming and graduate humans from moronic pawn to the next level of existence.

This short film proves my point -

Moving Mars is peppered with these concepts, but unless you are actively seeking them out you'll never see them.

We would love to change the world (and make a profit) and we know exactly what to do. Apologies to Ten Years After.

The protagonist in Moving Mars, Brenda Dylan, is our metaphor for humanity and she gets her ass kicked from one end of the film to the next, but she's on a mission and exactly like humanity she will succeed.

Moving Mars has a follow up five season TV show titled, "Stellarville." Changing humanity will require a lot of work.

I'm very impressed if you're still with me. If any of these concepts have been understood, all the conflict on TV should be recognizable. Humans are forced to fight over absolutely nothing and it's time to stop fighting.

Thanks for your time.

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