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The Human Computer That Loves to Fight

Humanity has been fighting with itself since Caveman #1 battled with Caveman #2 over Cavewoman Rachel Welsh. Nowhere has this been more evident than when the result of the 2016 presidential election was announced. The Democrats were beaten, and this event triggered an innate response that basically implied, “My group (Democrats) has suffered an unimaginable defeat to your group (Republicans) and this defeat is a threat to my group (Democrats) and we will fight as never before to destroy your group (Republicans) because we have to!”

So began four years of conflict that could possibly continue well beyond the 2020 election. To understand this entire process, we must first look deep into the software that truly runs humanity. If you think humanity is an autonomous life form, well, think again.

Once an understanding of how the human software works, anyone will comprehend the dynamics of the 2020 election. Instead of being confused at the actions of humans on TV or social media, you will be able to sit back and say, “I know exactly why one group is doing this and why another group is doing that.” Once these actions are decoded, it will afford the average human the ability to sit back and enjoy the show. So get the popcorn ready and relax as your fellow humans’ emotions take them on an insane ride to crazy town.

Software Drives Human Life

Humanity exists with the help of the operating software imbedded in every human brain. The human software operates the body and maintains life with virtually zero input from the operator. This operating software also has many subroutines, and one is to create conflict whenever possible. Looking back over human history, we see that conflict can be between two humans or country against country or even multiple countries fighting multiple countries and this is called a World War. Humans love to place tags on everything.

I will attempt to demonstrate how this never-ending conflict scenario is created not to destroy humanity, but to build it up. Ironically, destruction equals growth when it comes to the software that runs humanity. Sorry, Mom, your son will die no matter how hard you try to keep him out of the war. He was born to fight and maybe even born to die.

As operators of the human-machine, humans need to realize they truly do nothing technical to stay alive. All any human needs to do is fuel the body and keep it within operating temperature. Millions of commands and decisions are taking place within any living body that the operator has absolutely no clue about. The operating software in every human brain manages blood chemistry, kidney functions, oxygen distribution, repairs to muscles and tendons, cell duplication, growth, and thousands of other operations. The only time the human operator has any notion about what is going on inside the body is when something goes wrong.

So it is safe to say that the human brain’s software is very sophisticated, and without it, there is no life. The software never sleeps, because if it does, the human is dead.

This human software program repeats commands over and over again to achieve success, and human life is very successful from birth to the inevitable death which should occur decades later. As I imagined how the human internal software works, I began to see parallels in the outside world. I began to formulate a theory that the internal human software was also producing desired effects in the external human world.

Here is my bottom line: humans are not autonomous, and every action by a human towards another human is a result of the same software that keeps the body alive. I’ve identified three subroutines or sub-programs that facilitate human to human interaction. These subroutines work very hard for three precise outcomes; the continuing increase in the human population, the longevity of these humans and the never-ending search for new technologies.

Every action in the human world eventually leads to one of these three desired results: more humans living as long as possible or more technology. People may think there is more to being human, but all activity either leads to new humans living longer or to a new invention. Everything else is the pre or post game show.

The three subroutines that facilitate the three actions are:

1) New human construction by sexual motivation
2) Creation of human brain surrogates by creating religions, cultures, and societies

3) Dividing humans into as many groups as possible to create conflict and thus, new technologies

These three subroutines exist to increase the population and force the discovery of new technology to help humanity achieve its ultimate goal. The human purpose and how life began on Earth will be discussed in future stories.

Subroutine Number One:

New Human Construction by Sexual Motivation

A sports car is designed to drive fast and hold the road through tight curves. These actions are why it exists. The sports car cannot knit a sweater or become dinner or anything else; it is a fast-driving machine. That’s why it was created. In a functional sense, what it does is part of the definition of what it “is.” There is an endless list of machines that exist for only one reason.

A human is a sex machine. A human eats, breathes and lives sex. The human software clouds everything a human does with sex to such an extent that eventually laws were created to protect humans from each other. Why would a human risk years of incarceration just to have sex? Why would an NBA superstar risk prison, humiliation, and losing his family for sex? Why would a politician risk his presidential bid for sex? How many times has sex ended a prominent career? Why would a millionaire film producer who could afford to pay for all the sex he needed demand sex of his potential employees? Why does this keep happening? It seems the sex subroutine shut downs the common sense subroutine more often then not. Would humans go to war over sex? Would a human risk his life for sex? Literature is full of “going to war over love,” but it isn’t love that motivates a man to go to war. As far as men are concerned, it’s sex that would drive his army over a mountain range to the naked sex waiting for him.

The sex subroutine offers out of the box pleasurable feelings, but it hides its true purpose. The sex subroutine is an amazing and effective piece of software code. There is absolutely no denying this as the human population now stands at close to eight billion and increases by ninety million every year. How many of these new humans were an unexpected consequence of simple, pleasurable sex? The answer is not readily available, but we all know the number is very high — sky-high.

With my limited observations I’ve determined that the core motivation in women is to find a clean, safe place to raise her child with a man out front for protection and supplies. The core motivation for a man from his subroutine is just to have as much sex as possible. Combining these two core values the human population grows and grows and grows.

An individual may deny they don’t feel this is true, but humanity is a numbers game and the numbers (8 billion) don’t lie.

The sex subroutine doesn’t even care about a humans’ mental health as it only wants to create new humans. Take, for example, the millions of couples who get together for only a year or two and then separate. Sometimes the only thing the remains of the relationship are the new humans they created. Even though the couple was never right for each other mentally, physically, they were a perfect match, and the brand new humans confirm this.

Fifty Plus Shades of Pregnancy

This sex subroutine goal is to produce as many humans as possible. Besides the software promoting sexual relations with the opposite sex, a woman can become pregnant from age 12 to age 50. For each year of this fertile cycle, there seems to be a scenario facilitating the woman to become pregnant.

Obviously, becoming pregnant at age 12 is not a good thing, but it can happen. This might be the results of uncle Bob sneaking into little Mary’s room at night. At age 50, science steps in to help the mother become pregnant. In between, there may be hundreds of reasons why women and men have sex. The following are just the most obvious fifty-five:

1) Incest
2) Rape
3) Preteen sex games 4) Teenage lust
5) True Love
6) Wedding Night

7) If it happens, it happens
8) I can be a good mother
9) I can be a good father
10) Pressure from family
11) Pressure from religion
12) Pressure from culture
13) Pressure from self (guilt, sense of responsibility) 14) Pregnancy to save an existing child

15) One night stands
16) Unadulterated passion!
17) Summer romance
18) Human trafficking
19) Oh, baby, I love you, I swear to God!
20) Baby hunger
21) Artificial insemination
22) In vitro
23) Surrogacy
24) Immaculate conception
25) Oral sex transfer
26) The condom broke
27) Really, I’ll pull out!
28) Forced marriage
29) Conjugal visits
30) Building a family dynasty
31) Meeting with an old girlfriend
32) Meeting with an old boyfriend
33) Trying to improve social status
34) Casting couch
35) Religion — marriage forced on teenage girls 36) Astrology — the stars and planets command it 37) Weekend getaway
38) Affairs
39) Neighbors have kids –we should too!
40) To gain a business promotion
41) Prostitution
42) Raves
43) Garden of Eden
44) Concubine
45) Nightclub sex
46) Internet
47) Arranged marriage
48) To keep a man
49) To keep a woman
50) Ego

51) Prom night
52) Graduation night
53) Peer pressure
54) Drug addiction
55) Housekeeper sex — (Go Ahnold)

Men and women are directed by the sex subroutine to seek out sex from a very early age. It’s a genius piece of software. Whoever wrote it created a need in the human brain that convinced it having sex might be the most critical activity a human can do, and, by the way, the act of having sex just might result in more humans — what a coincidence.

Subroutine Number Two: Rules to Produce Billions

The human operating system controls the human body machine from inside and out. On the inside the software is pumping blood, digesting food, forcing the lungs to inhale, along with thousands of chemical wonders and physical actions that keep the body human alive. One the outside the true goals of this sophisticated software are masked by an emotional smokescreen. The human operating software system’s real and absolute goal is to create and keep alive as many humans as possible while promoting artificially threatening scenarios that force humans to develop new technology to increase all humans’ survival chances. The writers of this software knew that to move humanity forward at the expected pace of development the software is always looking for trouble and if it can’t find it the software will manufacture it.

Since the brain software can not exist outside the human body to facilitate human life, it has created surrogates to monitor and control humanity’s every action. These surrogates had to be respected and revered. All these rules and regulations needed to be followed by a large majority of humans. To help direct humanity to its ultimate goal, the human operating software created every religion, culture, and society. These three institutions offer all the rules and regulations needed to help billions and billions of humans survive and prosper. These are the brain’s surrogates.

Early human rules were most likely trial and error. I’m just guessing now, but after several tribesmen were eaten by the saber tooth tiger, the first rule of survival was determined: stay away from the saber tooth tiger. Guidelines were put into place to keep the tribe alive. Actions that resulted in tribesmen being killed or eaten were to be avoided. There is nothing like a rule to help from being eaten — eventually, the wisest of the tribesmen associated these rules with whatever God was available at the time. A rule from caveman UGG can be broken, but say the same rule was from the God of the Moon. That rule then takes on a higher degree of importance.


Religions, cultures, and societies may seem different as night and day, but at the core level, all these institutions offer basic rules on how to stay alive and manufacture good solid humans.

Humans that are most likely to continue the species in a safe and orderly manner.

Religions offer spiritual guidance and an entire congregation for physical support when needed. Some religious organizations also provide medical help in the form of operating hospitals, which run under the philosophy of that particular religion. All members are encouraged to give time and money to keep the organization viable. Religions offer the ultimate survival help as the support continues on well past the grave.

Early laws were derived from a combination of common sense and trial and error. Laws attributed to an all-powerful god have a much better follow-through rate. Broken laws usually have consequences. When an “eternal soul” is at stake, then a rule has a better chance of gaining support from the humans it intends to eventually help.

The Christian Ten Commandments

Basic rules that have permeated most human groups

Solid Human Rules from Ten Commandments:

• Respect Parents
• No killing other humans (war is OK — see groups)
• Property rights
• Keep family unit intact — sex only with wife (this also reduces STDs)

• Honesty

These are good rules to start with. Other rules can be added as needed.

Religions add value to human life, but some religions certainly take better care of the “physical human body” than others. This may be a deciding factor in the selection of a religion to join. Kosher dietary laws can be seen as a path to avoiding food poisoning. These laws, attributed to God and found in the Torah, were a trial and error set of rules to keep the group alive. A healthy human can contribute to the survival of the group, while a sick human requires more resources and could die. This is not a good thing. Being “Kosher” was a proactive set of rules, just as traffic laws are today. Regulations regarding homosexuality were an obvious attempt to keep the numbers of the group growing. Homosexual relationships produce no new members, so they were discouraged.

Cultures use history to determine a set of rules. Successful rules and laws that have worked in the past will continue to work in the present. This is “homage” to past humans and their struggles to survive.

Societies gather up rules and laws from all sources and continuously update them for their citizens’ comfort. American society doesn’t care if you divorce your wife, just as long as the state doesn’t have to pay.

Human Operating Software Subroutine Number Three:

Separate, Separate, Separate

Explaining every human conflict from “day one” right up to Election 2020 between The Republicans and The Democrats can be done by examining patterns. An easy way to describe the results from history’s endless human conflict is as simple as saying, “If all humans just got along then humanity might still be living in caves in the year 2020.”

The software in the human brain that keeps every human alive promotes new human development and creates outside surrogates to supply rules. These regulations that help humans survive in large numbers also love to separate humans into as many groups as possible. Dividing humans into artificial groups is another clever factor in humanity’s growth and its dedicated path to the final goal.

The human brain software “group subroutine” is a genius mechanism to help humans advance into the future. This “group” subroutine forces humans to create as many groups as possible. Each group is then forced into producing a singular identity. These identities are a source of considerable pride and ownership, and when a group’s identity is threatened verbally or physically, conflict begins brewing. Conflict on the surface may seem like a terrible event, but in reality, conflict has moved humans from the caves to the moon.

Each new group of humans is forced, by the software in the brain, to differentiate themselves from other groups in as many ways possible. These differences can be attributed to gods worshipped, eating habits, clothing, language, skin color, philosophy, geography, and many other factors. Even within a seemingly similar group of humans, there are subgroups within subgroups. Before Columbus landed in America, there were more than one thousand indigenous tribes. It has been suggested that if all the indigenous humans of America had banded together, they might have fought the European invasion to a better negotiation point than what ultimately happened, which was a complete slaughter. The fact that one thousand tribes had different traditions, clothes, and gods was their downfall, as these differences kept the native population separated and even caused wars among themselves. The only thing that could have saved the American Native Peoples was an all-encompassing social network to promote a unified defense against the invaders. The thousand tribes had no way to communicate with each other, which was their downfall.

Human groups and their differences are critical as these differences tend to create conflict, and conflict is the driving force behind the development of new technology.

The “grouping” software in the human brain knows that the differences between groups are the most important factor in obtaining what humans need the most: technology.

The Human Operating Software is a complete multitasker. The same subroutine that created religions, cultures, and societies also helps divide humans into as many groups as possible.

Below is a list of human groups who just couldn’t get along:

Famous Groups in Conflict

• Christians — Muslims
• Democrats — Republicans
• England — France
• Men — Women
• Muslims — Hindus
• Right to Life — Planned Parenthood
• Religious Believers — Atheists
• Nazis — Europe
• Nazis — Jews
• Rich — Poor
• Educated — Uneducated
•Tutsi– Hutu
• American North — American South
• Cross-country skiers — Snowmobilers
• Blacks — Whites
• Slaves — Slave Owners
• Hatfields — McCoys
• USA — China
• Trump — Pelosi
• California Taxpayers — California Legislature • Spanish — Aztecs
• Spain — England
• American Colonists — England
• Drug Runners — Police
• Creationists — Darwinists
• Sunnis– Shiites
• Corporations — Customers
• Multi-global Corporations — The Third World • Greenpeace — Polluters
• Crips — Bloods
• God — Adam/Eve
• Noah — Water
• Conservatives — Liberals
• The Left — The Far Left
• Baby Boomers — Millennials
• Blue Collar — White Collar
• Sail Boaters — Power Boaters
• Yankees — Red Sox
• Packers — Bears

• NRA — Mothers
• Military — Mothers
• IRS — Taxpayers
• Palestinians– Israelis
• Employees — Employers
• England — IRA
• England — Scotland
• MAC users — PC users
• Greece — Persia
• Khmer Rouge — Most Humans

Since President Trump was elected, many new groups have been created and are now in conflict with each other. These groups will be revealed later in this story, but until then, try to think of all the new groups in conflict since January 2017.

The human software has agendas, and these agendas will not stop until humanity becomes self- aware and stops letting emotions drive just about everything. When humanity becomes ultra self-aware of the software that has been controlling them, then and only then will society make the leap to the next level of existence. Until that moment, all we can do is look to the past and see how dividing humans into groups has enabled humanity to grow to eight billion strong and discover technology to split the atom, travel in space 250,000 miles to set foot on another celestial body.

There is no doubt that the “grouping software” subroutine is another genius set of codes that flows effortlessly and is as functional as the working of the universe itself (It that a clue?).

The human software needs to divide humans into groups because groups with different philosophies will eventually clash over who’s philosophy is best. Conflict does not happen in a vacuum. All human conflict is artificially created. All human conflict happens for a reason. All those mothers who lost sons and daughters to war didn’t realize that those deaths are just part of the screenplay to create technology to move humanity forward.

When a human is threatened, that human needs to think in new ways or die. The Democrat’s Soul after the 2016 election was threatened to the point that their entire existence was at stake. Trump was the devil to Liberalism, and the software in the Democratic brain thus went into high gear. What has been the Democratic strategy to take back the White House since they lost the election? Again, this list will be revealed later in this story, but until then, try to create your own list of the democratic strategies to undo the threats to their soul being driven over by the Trump semi-truck.

Let’s now look at recent human history and see where artificial conflict eventually ended with technology to blow your mind.


The human brain software spinning an intricate web of motivation, ego, and the power struggle created an artificial conflict that caused World War II. Hitler’s brain software, one of the flashpoints of World War II, had been groomed for conflict in the preceding World War. While Hitler sat battered, bruised, and wounded in one of those famous Word War I trenches, Hitler’s brain’s software used the outside influence of revenge to rewrite his own subroutine of groups, deciding how other groups need to be punished for oh so many things.

Of all the German soldiers drenched in blood and languishing in filthy disgusting World War I trenches with the smell of death lingering in the air, why did only Hitler’s grouping software interact with the surrounding war? The truth is that 1000’s of German soldiers had the exact same programming code altered. The human brain software knows that to affect change in humanity is a numbers game. Hitler was the guy because of the people he associated with after leaving the trenches.

Grouping and conflict software go hand in hand, but the grouping subroutine must take hold first, and then the conflict can begin. After World War I, Hitler fell in with a band of ultra right- wingers lead by Dietrich Elkhart. This group of humans had decided that The Germans were the descendants of The Aryans, the perfect human group, the chosen people from Atlantis. Yes, that Atlantis. Here’s where the grouping software kicked into high gear. The Aryans or The Germans have been infiltrated by all sorts of other human groups, and this fact was unacceptable. This small group of humans had decided that all the non-Aryan groups had to be eliminated to purify Germany. Among these groups to be purged were the Jews. Hitler’s group had determined that there was only room on Planet Earth for one “Chosen People.” Eliminating an entire group of humans requires control, and so The Nazis began their quest for power.

Hitler and his group spent the next ten years, forming and reforming their strategy and growing this group. After trial and error and failed coup attempts and prison terms, Hitler had the power to begin the march towards a world war that the grouping/conflict subroutine was written for.

After seizing power through a series of elections and purges, Hitler began the build-up of conventional weapons. Tanks, planes, guns, and every conventional war-making machine known at the time was being manufactured. Hitler also turned his German engineers and designers lose to push the boundaries of weapons, physics, and imagination. As Hitler prepared for war, his entire army’s grouping /conflict software was thinking in ways they never had before. The survival subroutine was also working overtime. What new technology could Germany develop that might offer a better chance of survival? The scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists, and industry were put to the task of guaranteeing survival by the lure of new yet-to-be-discovered technology.

Looking back at this time in human history, the consensus is that these humans of evil were doing the devil’s work of torture and murder. The description of these terrible humans usually contains the vilest words ever conceived in any language on the planet. They killed and tortured millions of other humans, but why did they really do it? How can a human be capable of such actions? The answer is fairly simple; they were programmed to do it. Just as the software maintains human life on the inside, the grouping software manages a human’s life on the outside. The conflict software is always trying to cause trouble, but in a perfect storm of situations and certain human mental states, a small conflict can grow to affect tens of millions of humans. This destruction is not done on a whim, and not without purpose. The death and destruction have an endgame, and sometimes humanity hits the jackpot.

At that very moment in time, Hitler may have thought he was taking revenge on Europe for how Germany was treated in World War I, but in the truest understanding of these events, Hitler was just a simple pawn. This pawn with the funny mustache was a tool in creating the single most crucial span of technological wonder in human history.

Unfortunately, almost 72 million humans would eventually be sacrificed in exchange for this amazing array of new human technology. This formula for technology has been in effect since “humanity day one.” The rationale is that if all humans never engaged in conflict with other humans, there would be no immediate threat and thus no reason to search the human brain for new ideas for resources or new weapons or new tactics or new anything. When you threaten a human, that human either thinks of new stuff or that human may die. History rewards humans who searched their brains for problem-solving new technology.

While German scientists were locked away in their underground caves thinking up the most devious weapons, including rockets and jets, the allies and their scientists worked in underground caves thinking up high altitude bombers, radar, computers, and the holy grail of artificial conflict — nuclear power. Technology like atomic power just doesn’t happen over a glass of wine. The motivation to dive into the physical world as never before must be a “life or death” situation.

Motivation of the Deepest Kind

Imagine a room full of scientists of all disciplines; chemists, physicists, engineers, and so on. The room is crowded and dark as all stand in their 1940’s Indiana Jones outfits. In walks the best looking fifty-year-old general in the American Army. He stands in the subtle spotlight and looks around the room and begins. “There’s an evil out there, men. An evil that comes straight from hell, and I need your help to send them right back to burn where they belong!” The room erupts in cheers and applause and then slowly dies down. “Men, I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, but the enemy wants your life. They want to take it from you and then crush your soul to powder. Now, I’m not saying that German soldiers will be sleeping with your wives, but with an enemy like this, you must be prepared for the worse.” The general becomes intensely serious, “I need you to push yourselves as never before. The fate of the free world and your wife is in your hands and your minds. Now go and make America proud!” The crowd of scientists lets out a huge cheer, and then they rush to their laboratories to split the atom and create nuclear power.

The desire by Dietrich Elkhart to eliminate any group of humans that weren’t Aryan was the spark that enabled Alan Turning to invent the computer, Wernher von Braun to perfect the rocket, and Robert Oppenheimer to oversee the creation of the nuclear bomb. Without Hitler’s grouping and conflict software taking advantage of the insanity following World War I, humanity would not have been offered this jump start on these three impossible technologies.


Let’s count the groups driving the narrative in 1860’s America; slaves, slave owners, wives of slave owners, southerners who did not own slaves, growing Confederate Army, growing Union Army, northern industrial manufacturers, banks, railroads, bankers, politicians, anti-slavery, mothers of young men, medical students, and everyone else. Every member of these groups will either be an instrument in starting the war, fighting the war, providing services in the war, dying or being maimed in the war. When the war finally ends in 1865, slavery will be on the way out, but for humanity, the most important technological advancement of the war won’t be appreciated for decades to come. When the Civil War is mentioned, these are the well-known facts; six hundred thousand humans died, slavery was legally ended, and President Lincoln defined himself as one of the nation’s most influential leaders. But none of these will affect humanity as much as the medical knowledge that was discovered on the battlefield.

Medical history buffs all know when surgery on the human body radically changed. The massive leap in surgical knowledge exploded in hospitals across the country and the world in the years following 1868, two years after the Civil War ended.

Remember, humans have only two critical accomplishments: making new humans and keeping them alive, and creating and implementing new technology. The Civil War provided both. The new technology generated in the largest human laboratory ever assembled would eventually be responsible for the human population’s growth by millions, if not billions. Again, the software in the human brain was willing to sacrifice six hundred thousand lives to offer this technology to the rest of humanity.

As with World War II, the destruction and chaos of the moment will be overshadowed by the technology created out of the fear, hatred ego, and the survival subroutine running in every human brain. This pattern of destruction is repeated over and over again throughout human history. Ego and groups drive the narrative, young men go to war, mothers cry, and humanity takes a step closer to its ultimate goal.

Software of Slavery

How does any group of humans turn another group of humans into slaves? How exactly is that accomplished? First, the grouping software has to define the groups involved. The most critical factor in this equation is that the group who wants to control another group of humans (slave- owners) needs more power than the group to be controlled (slaves). This power can be simply overwhelming physical power and/or mental superiority generated by experience. Early English and Spanish settlers of America not only brought humans from Africa as slaves but also enslaved the indigenous people they found living in the early colonies. One of the keys to enslaving other groups of humans is the experience of war. European humans in 1590 had plenty of combative experience, which provided weapons of control and the far more amazing technology of traversing the open ocean for months without dying. Again, to fight an adversary, your technology must beat or at least match theirs. If your group is continuously losing battles, then your group either is killed or absorbed, or the sense of survival pushes human brains to think in ways they never have before and invent new technology to fight off the enemy.

When European settlers arrived in America, their power over many other groups was forged in war. The software running in their brains was light years ahead of any indigenous people living in America. War offered Europeans the technology to enslave anyone that had less experience in such things. Winning battles on land and sea against formable enemies provides the know- how and confidence to do just about anything, including enslaving other humans. You can try to blame humans for enslaving other humans, but that’s how the human brain has been working since one human simply became smarter or stronger than another human. If any group in 2020 wants to judge white Americans for their slave-owning past as a despicable and inhuman act, they must also judge all of humanity for the same crime. Sorry — but having power over another human and using that power for one’s own personal gain is like breathing for a human.

Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is not a conscious decision; it’s a subroutine. Only when humans become aware of these subroutines and overwrite them will humanity move on to the next level of existence. Shaming humans for what humans have done in the past is only a political strategy and is worth absolutely nothing else, especially if that narrative has been eliminated. Shaming humans for what they are doing now has value, but how smart is each group in these disputes? How clever are the groups? It is not about right and wrong; it’s about how intelligently a human pushes their agenda. In Rome, a big sword ruled the day. In 2020 America, we are in a “Mind War.’

Would American slaves eventually have freed themselves from bondage? It is highly unlikely. A comparison of the American slaves and the American indigenous people can be made. Both groups lacked the education and experience of their captors and invaders. Both groups were unable to communicate with smaller groups of their kind. Without knowledge, experience, and communication to form larger groups, the powers-that-be will maintain control until a superior force is introduced. Slavery was doomed as soon as the political will in the North decided to eliminate it. Two groups literally marching towards each other to alter human software, and presto — amazing new technology is invented. Humans do nothing on their own; every step is carefully orchestrated for an ultimate purpose.

Largest Ever Human Laboratory

What’s the result when 1776 Revolutionary War tactics are combined with 1860’s Civil War weapons? What could this possibly produce? The product is the largest human laboratory ever created, and nothing will ever match it. Thousands of humans were killed and maimed in the Civil War, in battle after battle. Soldiers lining up by the hundreds and marching towards the enemy might have worked with single-shot muskets, but in 1860 the repeating rifle was much more than just deadly; it was a game-changer for humanity.


Battlefields oozing with blood and guts miles wide was a tragedy at the time, but it was a gift beyond imagination for millions of future humans. The Grouping and Conflict software strikes again.

Civil War field hospitals were famous for hacking off limbs to save lives, but I think there was more than just hacking going on in these field hospitals.

Imagine you are an American Civil War doctor who always wanted to help humanity with your medical skill. You watched as your regular non-war patients died before your eyes because you truly had no clue about how a living breathing human’s body operated. How could you learn techniques that didn’t exist? How could you be taught the insights of the human body that no one on the planet knew? The grouping and conflict software in the human brain provided you with as much of an education as you could possibly absorb. This is just speculation, but with thousands of wounded humans waiting to die, imaginative doctors practiced any technique they could think of with impunity.

Leg wounds were deadly unless the leg was hacked off as soon as possible, but what if a doctor wanted to save that leg? What could he do? There was no medical information on saving a leg with a shattered bone and bullet fragments scattered everywhere. What could be done? Human doctors are usually the best and brightest among us, and their minds are constantly probing for information and what-ifs.

Imagine you are a thirty-five-year-old doctor. You have been practicing medicine for five years. You have volunteered to be a wartime field doctor. You are here because the lure of mass casualties excites you. You know there will be amazing things to see and do. You know there will be death, but you also know it will lead to life.

The field hospital is hot and smells like death. You are covered with blood from the morning’s wounded. You hacked off close to fifty legs, thirty arms, and sometimes the arms and legs came off the same soldier. Watching men die with their souls ripped out of them is nothing new. You’ve seen untold numbers of dead and dying, but the blood does not phase you. It excites you. As you have been hacking off limbs, you’ve seen the insides of working legs. You’ve been taking notes between soldiers. You’ve seen the wonderment of how the leg works, how it moves, how the tendons and the muscles and the bones all interconnect. You have a flash of genius, a moment of inspiration, you see in your mind’s eye how a shattered bone may be repaired enough to save it.

You can’t wait until the next group of wounded arrive. You have made the decision to start an experiment on living humans. You instruct your orderlies to layout the wounded into groups; leg wounds, arm wounds, chest wounds, and so on. You train your orderlies on how to hack off a limb. You inspect the thirty or so leg wounds. The wounded are organized into groups, limbs to be hacked off and limbs to be operated on. You look for similar leg wounds. You count twenty-three soldiers with leg wounds you recognize and will try to save. You instruct two orderlies to help you and other orderlies to hack off limbs outside the tent. The first leg wound is brought in. For the first time in months, you are scared.

Chloroform is used to sedate the soldier, and his tourniquet is tightened. His uniform is cut off, and the wound is cleaned as much as possible. You use your scalpel to cut away muscles and tendons to reveal the femur. The femur is in thirty pieces. You quickly instruct your orderlies to take this soldier outside and have his leg hacked off. The next leg wound is brought in. The leg is prepared, and the bone is exposed. The femur is intact. The artery is the problem. You try to stitch it up, but you’ve never stitched an artery before. Before you can figure it out, the patient is about to bleed out. There is no time for remorse. This soldier is taken out for a hack job, and the next soldier is brought in. You decide to only work on stitching arteries. After seventeen attempts, the artery is successfully stitched, and the wound is cleaned with alcohol. You ask your orderly to stitch up the entire wound, and the next patient is brought in. Over the next eight hours, your skill at stitching arteries expands hundred fold. Your understanding of the human leg fills your head with wonderment. You are exhausted and retire to a cot under a tree nearby. You dream of the workings of the human body.

This scenario may have been duplicated at least one thousand times during the Civil War, and this bloody human laboratory is a watershed moment for the understanding of how the human body works and how to fix it. These Civil War doctors will scatter across the US and the world when the war ends, and this incredible new knowledge will be expanded upon. Surgery on the human body will radically change forever in the next few years.

The Civil War was fought between groups over whose philosophy was to remain intact. The North did win out, and slavery was outlawed, but the real winner of the war was not the slaves. It was the entire human race.


The years immediately following a large conflict are always a good time to start a new conflict or to begin to think about the next one. After World War II, humanity had an old dynamic ready to reveal itself and a brand new dynamic that would forever alter large scale conflicts on planet earth.

The old dynamic was two or more groups of humans vying for supremacy. Directly after World War II, the United States had more power at their disposal than any other county, or a human ever imagined. The United States had become a true superpower, and no one on Earth could match their firepower. The US had an amazing conventional army and the only country with the atomic bomb. From 1946 to 1949, the United States was the dominant county as no other country in history has ever been as dominant. Once the Soviets developed their own bomb, then large scale conflicts were over. The fear of lobbing nukes on each other would limit an all- out war between the two, and only conventional proxy wars would be fought from then on.

Since an all-out war was now impossible due to the fear of complete annihilation for all, the two superpowers began a technological cold war in secret. Missiles, submarines, rockets to deliver nukes, radar, long-range bombers, and the defense against all these weapons were also being developed. Once “Mutual Assured Destruction” was set into place, dominating world opinion on which group, America, or Russia, was better for most humans would have to be done with propaganda.

In the propaganda war, the Soviets fired the first salvo, and it was such a shock to the United States that, in a manner of hours, the US was knocked off its pedestal as the world’s premiere superpower. Launching the first artificial satellite in orbit around the Earth placed Russia in rarefied air and on top of the propaganda mountain.

The United States could not let the Soviets control the ultimate high ground. The Soviets might soon be able to launch nuclear bombs from orbit. The United States tried to move swiftly to catch up with the Soviets, but it was not easy.

The pattern of having one group of humans who might threaten another group’s existence is the trigger for all sorts of awe-inspiring technology. The Soviets continued to outgun the Americans in the space race. The first man in space, the first woman in space, the first two-man capsule, the first space-walk; the Soviet’s mountain grew high and higher. As the United States was struggling to catch up all they could see was the Soviet Rocket Man with his hands on his hips with a red cape flying in the wind from another Soviet rocket launch. America was in deep shit, but the ultimate American came to the rescue.

President Kennedy challenged the entire country to fight the red scourge; even though he didn’t mention the Soviets by name, everyone knew what his speech was about. With the president behind the fight, America went to work.

Imagine a room full of scientists of all disciplines; chemists, physicists, engineers, and so on. The room is crowded and dark as all stand in their early 1960’s white shirts and ties and 60’s dresses. In walks President Kennedy. He stands in the subtle spotlight, looks around the room, and begins. “There’s an evil out there people. An evil that comes straight from hell, and I need your help to send them right back to burn where they belong!” The room erupts in cheers and applause and then slowly dies down. “People, I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, but the enemy wants your life. They want to take it from you and then crush your soul to powder. Now, I’m not saying that Soviet soldiers will be sleeping with your wives and torturing your children, but with an enemy like this, you need to be prepared for the worse.” The president becomes intensely serious, “I need you to push yourselves as never before, the fate of the free world and your family is in your hands and your minds. Now go and make America proud!” The crowd of scientists lets out a huge cheer and then rushes to their laboratories to create rockets to match the Soviets and exceed their accomplishments, so the world will know which propaganda to worship.

With their families’ lives at stake, American scientists and industry landed a man on the moon in eight years. Let me repeat that, with their families’ lives at stake, American scientists and industry landed a man on the “MOON” in eight years. If you are unaware, the moon is 250,000 miles away from Earth, in space. There is no air in space. The Earth is traveling through space at 67,000 miles per hour. The moon is traveling at 2,200 miles per hour. America launched its Saturn Five rocket at 17,000 miles per hour and pointed it at the moon. Chemistry, physics, engineering, and the know-how to splice it all together gave Neil Armstrong the chance to land that tiny spacecraft on the moon. Once he did, America climbed that mountain and pushed the Soviets to the bottom. It is incredible what a little motivation can accomplish.

Once the politicians realized that the Soviets never had a chance to get to the moon, then the moon was no longer needed as propaganda, and the US moved to low Earth orbit exploration.

The Nuclear Window

There were several groups involved in landing Neil Armstrong on the moon. These groups were simply pawns being used by the grouping and conflict subroutines in the human brain software. Technology builds on itself, and sometimes humans exceed the bounds of their own understanding. Sometimes humans are insanely lucky. For humanity to grow, humans needed to fight through the “nuclear window.” The nuclear window was a perilous time when humanity could destroy itself with an all-out nuclear war. It’s been almost one hundred years since atomic power was discovered, and we are still here. Why? Why didn’t we exterminate ourselves? Millions did not die in an all-out nuclear war because of the sacrifice of 200,000 humans that the rest of us should be eternally grateful for.

Hitler and his insane group of Aryans eventually pushed America into developing the atomic bomb in 1945. Dropping the bombs on Japan required a group of Japanese military officers that would not surrender and another group of American officers that demanded the bomb be dropped no matter what. It is amazing what human groups can accomplish even though they are unaware of what their actions are truly doing. All who say that dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan was unnecessary were and will forever be wrong. The dropping of these two bombs, one on Hiroshima and one on Nagasaki, may have killed 200,000 humans, but their deaths probably saved 200 million lives and preserved the future of humanity.

Visual learning is a powerful tool, and here’s my reasoning as to why dropping the bomb on Japanese humans was a good thing for all humanity. America has created the atomic bomb due to their fear the Germans may be developing a similar device. Fear that one’s own survival is at risk will generate an amazing amount of new thinking. Soviet spies had already stolen the plans of The Manhattan Project and had a working bomb three years later in 1948. Both countries built up massive arsenals of nuclear weapons by 1955. Bombers, jets, and submarines on both sides ready to launch at a moment’s notice. Why didn’t they? Why are we still here? The answer lies in the charred bodies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those photos and films of a nuclear attack will never go away and will always act as a reminder of what a nuclear war would be like. Grouping and Conflict software gave us the bomb, and pure luck gave humanity a glimpse of the consequence of a nuclear exchange. Without the sacrifice of Japan, humanity would have blown itself back to the stone age by now.


What will the outcome of the 2020 election truly mean? Oh my god! What happens if this party wins or what will happen if that party wins? Oh my god — will my word fall apart? Will I die if my party of choice doesn’t win? Welcome to 2020, where mind control, propaganda, and creations of numerous new groups only confirm my theory that the human brain will divide humans into as many groups as possible to create as much conflict as possible to force humans into thinking in ways they never have before.

New Groups of Hate Created January 2017

Let’s count the new groups and their opposite groups that have been created since the Democrats lost the White House in 2017:

1) COVID-19 Converts — COVID-19 Deniers
2) Afraid of Covid-19 and will never feel safe again — Covid-19 will never harm me, it’s a hoax 3) I wear a mask to protect myself — I will never wear a mask
4) Super Trump Haters — Super Trump Lovers
5) Mitch McConnell Lovers — Mitch McConnell Haters
6) Agree with Impeachment — Disagree with Impeachment
7) Impeachment was a waste of time and money — Impeachment was worth the effort
8) Nancy Pelosi Lovers — Nancy Pelosi Haters
9) Progressives — Democrats
10) The Left — The Far Left
11) The Right — The Far Right
12) Red Media — Blue Media
13) Journalism — The New York Times
14) Democrats — Republicans
15) Trump — Pelosi
16) For Free Speech — Against Free Speech
17) AOC — Bezos
18) Racists — Non-Racists
19) Rioters — Police
20) Looters — Business Owners
21) For Abortion — Against Abortion
22) Liberals — Conservatives
23) BLM Protesters — Police
24) BLM Protesters — White People
25) BLM Protesters — White History
26) BLM — White Knowledge & Experience
27) Congress — Senate
28) Blue Media — White House
29) Blue Media — Trump
30) Blue Media reporters — Trump
31) Washington Post / New York Times — Trump
32) Democratic Governors — Trump

33) Theme Parks — Democrats
34) Small Business — Democrats
35) Political Strategy — Average Citizens
36) White Supremacists — Antifa
37) Antifa — Police
38) Capitalism — Socialism
39) Keep the Government — Change The Government
40) Work hard — Free stuff
41) COVID will kill — COVID will not kill
42) Wealthy — Everyone else
43) Elites — Non-elites
44) Athletes with a political message — Athletes with no message
45) Religions — Democrats
46) Nontraditional sexual orientation — Heterosexuals
47) Black Criminals — Black Victims
48) COVID-19 cases are a sign of death — Covid-19 cases are just cases 49) Mail in ballots are acceptable — Mail in ballots promote corruption 50) Destoying statues is good — Destroying statues is anarchy
51) Democratic Mayors — Peope they represent
52) Democratic Governors — People they represent
53) Big Box stores — Small Businesses

Which groups do you belong to, and which groups do you hate? Have you changed an association with a group? Are all your groups on the same political side? Which groups have you been a member of the longest? Do you absolutely love your groups?

Democratic Strategy

The 2016 Presidential election was a swinging baseball bat to the gut of the Democrats. Hilary won the popular vote, but that evil Electoral College had stolen the election. The Democrats were road kill and it was the end of the world to have Donald Trump as President. Women and babies cried, life as we know was about to end and the possible termination of aborting unwanted pregnancies was driving every liberal, socialist and far left radical into hysteria. The Democrat’s very existence was being threatened and we all know what happens when a human is threatened. That’s correct. The humans start to think in ways they never have before. The Democrats decided to go on attack and never let up. It was an all out nuclear war against Trump for four years. It was a beautiful thing to witness, especially with an ample supply of popcorn.

With their heart pounding at break neck speed the Democrats began their attack with their first declared objective to retake the House of Representatives. The strategy was to convince the American public that Trump was in collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin. The Dems retook the house in the mid term elections and Nancy Pelosi was now in full battle armor and ready to skewer Trump and put his head on the top of the Capital Building. The next agenda item was impeachment. Nancy had some Russia facts to impeach on, but the Muller report came back inconclusive. Nancy bided her time and waited to pounce and then a whistle blower handed her a Trump phone call to the president of Ukraine. The term “Quid Pro Quo” was in the news for weeks as Nancy went ahead with impeachment proceeding lasting months. Nancy knew she did not have the votes in the Senate, but bashing the president on a daily basis was all part of her plan from day one. The strategy was to chip away, chip away, chip away. Trump needed to be destroyed if possible, but a reduction in his stature was a necessity. The vile taste of the 2016 Election was still flowing through the Democrats veins, Trump had to be destroyed. Trump was the opposite group and opposite groups need to be destroyed. The grouping/conflict software bouncing around in Nancy head’s and The Democrats were just getting started.

As 2020 began Trump was still doing fairly well even with the Democrats never ending barrage of constant attacks. The threat from the 2016 election has stirred up the grouping software to a point where The Democrats would try anything and everything.

Covid-19 and civil unrest are the signs that the grouping and conflict software has turned the Democrats into full blown mindless win at all costs humans. When you threaten a human (The Democrats) you better be careful because they just may just lock you up for six months, stand by while your business is looted and burned, weaponize a virus for votes and change the voting system to mail-in ballots. You can’t blame the Democrats for anything they have done during this election cycle. When Trump won this strategy was the natural response. Could the Democrats have done more? Of course. Maybe the Democrats didn’t search their brains enough to find the “magic bullet” that would assure a Democratic win. The question I do have is “What will the Republicans do for revenge if Biden wins?” Until humanity becomes self-aware, this is a never ending cycle. The only results for humans like myself is just to buy more popcorn. Will the show turn even more insane? I would suggest yes.

The Roman Sword

After all is said and done with regards to the 2020 election, what will be the outcome? Will the country remain unchanged or turn communist or socialist? Or will the conservatives remain in power — as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter. The software in our brain tries to make it “matter,” but it doesn’t. How many humans will die due to this election cycle? With 350 million Americans — whoever does die will not make a difference, except for strategy. What about technology from this all-out political war? The only new tech I see are robots determining which posts are deleted before anyone can see them. As far as the software in our heads, this is only an exercise in creating more groups and more conflict, but at a level where not much will change. For the most part, these are bloodless battles for power because the software in our heads is continually beating the drum that states, “My group is better than your group, so I need to dominate you.”

Lucky for American politicians, “the sword” is no longer a tool to determine the winner of a disagreement. When Rome ruled the world, many senators were murdered when opposing views could not be negotiated to a reasonable end. Listening to Pelosi and Trump, if this was Rome, they would have met on the Senate floor and battled it out until one was missing their head. But this is 2020 and politicians only throw sharp words and platitudes at each other.

Even though there is nothing to fight for in America because of the abundance of food, good weather, housing, and entertainment, the software in our heads will not let us rest. Groups and conflict in 2020 are just a preemptive strike to keep our teeth sharp and our arrows sharper. Nancy Pelosi even mentioned “her quiver of arrows.” This benign warfare keeps us ready for the much bigger fight that the software is always hoping for. The larger battles that will provide astounding new technology to keep humanity on a path of increasing numbers in this exclusive human club. I expect all Americans to pull together if an enemy of some type threatens the entire American way of life, again.


I’ve created an “Equation of Technology” that considers the two parties with different beliefs, the number of humans involved, and the magnitude of danger for facing humans. When these numbers are high, the opportunity for technological advancement is unimaginable.

Plugging in the numbers from World War II into the equation, the “T” becomes enormous. World War II recap on technology: nuclear power, rockets, jets, computers, manufacturing, medical, sonar, airplanes, shipbuilding, radio, radar, logistics, and many others. Plugging in the numbers of the Cold War the “T” is “humans on the moon.” Plugging in the number from Election 2020 and the “T” is non-existent, and thus this election cycle may seem as if World War III is about to begin, but in practical human terms, it’s truly just entertainment. Plugging in the numbers describing a future conflict between China and the rest of the world, the “T” could exceed World War II and the Cold War and we all know the price we humanity paid for those toys.

The True Battle Humanity is Fighting

Massive wars begin as nation against nation, but eventually, they turn into wars against the physical world — a war of new understanding of atoms, gravity, human cells and electromagnetism. In 1942 America was fighting the Nazis, but in reality, America was fighting against the physical world that makes up everything in our universe. The Grouping / Conflict Software in every human brain demands that humans try to understand the universal forces. Humans from the North were not fighting against humans from the South in the American Civil War, that conflict’s bloodshed was literally against the secrets of the human body itself. American scientists were not struggling against fascism. They were struggling to understand how atoms are put together and how to tear them apart. In 1962 America was not fighting Communism. It fought gravity and physics and figured out how humans could exist in a dangerous environment, 240,000 miles away from Earth. These are the types of struggles that will continue to propel humanity into the future. Compared to World War Two and The Cold War, the political battle of 2020 is pure entertainment and you should have plenty of popcorn to truly enjoy it.

One of many humans who are fighting the true battle is Elon Musk. His battle is not against the progressives, or Blackrock or Statestreet or GM or Ford, but against physics.  Humans in 2023 are blinded by their hate they can't see that Elon is truly a unique human who not only knows the true battle but seems to understand physics as few humans do. 

Next Level Humanity

To move humanity to the next level of existence will not be easy. Self-awareness will need to be achieved by at least 40% of the human population. Judging by humans and their antics in 2020, worldwide self-awareness is as close as humans traveling at the speed of light. Luckily for humanity, both operations are just a simple subroutine away.

Which groups do you hate? Which groups do you love? Why?

Author’s Note — By the way, this ten-thousand-word essay will create three new groups; a group who understands my thinking or are intrigued by it, and would like more information, a group who thinks I’m full of sh*t and all of this is just BS and a complete waste of time and a group that just doesn’t care one way or another. What group are you in?

by Doug Mazell

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