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The Story of Moving Mars

Brenda Dylan grew up slightly different than the rest of the kids in her neighborhood.  She immediately understood her physical world.  She was  at one with gravity and the other forces of the universe even though a formal education in science was still years away.


While at M.I.T. working on her PhD, her fellow students were always trying to convince her to stop spending so much time in the physics lab.  On one occasion, a friend pointed out the window and told her that life was outside, but Brenda pointed to her never before seen physics equations and explained that life was right there on her chalkboard. 


Twenty years later she explains to the world press that her company

(Executive Producer - Aerospace Company Name Here )

will move the planet Mars closer to Earth to create the ultimate lifeboat for humanity from its failing home planet. The world’s press are horrified as all they can think of is that Moving Mars will just create another disaster. Dylan is undeterred and continues with her  plan to launch the first fact finding mission.  The crew is selected and The Deep Venture begins its journey to Mars.


Standing in the way of our heroine are twenty men and women who are always seen in white suits. These "Shepherds" control “eighty-five percent of the Earth’s resources, money, military, governments and religions.”  The faces of these “Shepherds” are never seen.


A majority of the Shepherds are interested in the plan to move Mars, but the top five want all these mission to fail.  These Five Shepherds are constantly attempting to kill our heroine, but her team is always a tiny step ahead.


The first mission is underway when the sun sends an enormous Coronal Mass Ejection towards the Earth and the crew in space.  A temporary shield that is deployed outside the ship for protection does not last long.  The supports of this shield are destroyed by a saboteur onboard the space ship.  The crew manages to MacGyver what’s left of the shield for some protection as the sun flare slams into the ship.


While half of the crew is outside trying to repair the shield a gun fight between the saboteurs and the remaining crew takes place.  One saboteur is killed and the love interested of another crew member is severely injured.


While the drama in space is happening, our heroine back on Earth is kidnapped by The Shepherds. They threaten her employees and her company unless she helps crash her space ship on the surface of Mars. She agrees to upload devastating commands to the ships computer.


Back in space the last of the saboteurs locks himself into the engine room and fires the engines

initiating a death spiral onto the planet’s surface. Imaginative thinking by the crew stops the ship from crashing, but they are now trapped in orbit with  only three months of life support left.


Now begins the reveal of the singular knowledge of gravity that our heroine possesses.  At M.I.T earlier in the story she sketched a gravitational device on a chalk board. Twenty years later this device has been secretly installed on the space ship and it could be used to literally catapult the remaining crew back home. 


It is during the struggle to create the equations for the return home that our heroine and her friend, who was also with her in collage, discovers humanity’s future.


Needless to say, the crew is successful in initiating their return home. During this trip the remaining crew experience wondrous events that will alter their lives forever.


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