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Inspiration for the story of "Moving Mars"

Humans are forced to develop new technology when there is a reason to do so.  When life and death are involved then advanced technology appears at will.

When you plug in World War Two numbers in to the  "MAZELL"  equation - here are the results:

1) Belief X - Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy

2) Belief Y - The rest of the world

3) The number of humans involved - 20% of the human population, approximately  550 million living humans. 

4) The degree of life and death was extremely high as 72 million humans were slaughtered. 

5)  T equals  Technology created from this conflict

- World War Two was the single most prolific time in human history as the resulting technology altered humanity as no other conflict had.  The more humans involved, the more death and destruction that takes place the more impossible technology is created.

Technology created from the artificial conflict of World War Two

a) Nuclear Power

b) Tactical Rockets

c) Jets

d) Computers

e) Sonar

f) Increased aircraft tech

g) Increased radar tech

h) Increased manufacturing tech

i) Increased transportation tech 

j) many more...

and the Holy Grail of any human conflict

Increased Medical Technology - 

Human population at the start of World War Two - 2.2 billion

Human Population in 2023 - 8 billion

Bottom Line - Humans are morons!  Humans have no clue regarding their own existence.  The human machine is an impossibility, but we are too busy hating the opposite  group to realize this.  Humans do not realize that history is a prison.  To reach the next level of existence every single human alive will need to be working on a single project.  Can you just imagine what 8 billions humans working together could accomplish?  Prediction - this will happen in about 400 to 800 years.

Until then humans are just simply MORONS. 


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